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  • Client: ELLE
  • Project: Meet the Muse
  • Сategory: category name
  • Timeline: 5 days

Meet the Muse

The face on the cover of the magazine is Sofia Yevdokymenko-Rotaru.

Youth, energy,positivity – our cover girl best conveys the mood of ELLE

Sofia is also celebrating the 15th anniversary this year. We thought this coincidence is very symbolic and invited her to take the honorable role of the girl on the cover.

Preparing for the shooting was very thorough. Especially for Lilia Pustovit, who sewed the costume with the help of Natalia Osadchaya(fashion director). “We wanted the cover to be the embodiment of youth, ELLE, and the heroine herself. That is why we chose to make an oversize suit out of wool and pale pink silk” – said Natalia.