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  • Client: Good Wine
  • Project: Wine Fest
  • Сategory: category name
  • Timeline: 5 days

Wine Fest

On June 4th there was a festival of wine and healthy food “KYIV WINE” at the cultural and exhibition center “Parkovy” , which is located downtown.

The format of the festival was born of the idea to combine several dozen of events under the theme of wine and gastronomy. The festival had more than 5 000 guests in one day. By the invitation of the organizer and the initiator of the store Good Wine, the festival was attended by 43 manufacturers from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Chile, Argentina and Moldova. Among them there were winegrowers, wineries founders and representatives of the companies. More details on KYIV WINE  Facebook page: facebook.com/kyivwine